ScissorFoxes 01 Jul 2022

Ambra Pixie Killer - Destroyer of Men 11


Don’t let size or looks fool you because our latest Fox can destroy you. Ambra is incredibly sexy and very passionate about wrestling, boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, hiking, climbing, biking and dancing. She is the total package and takes pride in her victories. Can you imagine being trapped between this hottie’s fit legs as she looks down at you, all cocky, knowing that you can’t escape? Watch her dominate her opponent in this match, who’s practically twice her size. Once she has her thighs locked on, she’s practically hanging off of his neck like a bear trap. He tries to shake her off and even lift her up in the air, but Ambra’s athletism is far superior. Hope you like Ambra’s debut video on ScissorFoxes and let us know if you’d like to see more!

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Carolusar2000 1 year ago

Ella es Ambra. Esta pequeña niña ya tiene en su palmarés victorias sobre hombres más fuertes, grandes y hábiles que este tipo. Tipos de 2 metros y 100 kilos de peso, a los que esta niña les ha dado palizas humillantes. Ver en italian female wrestling o sexyfightdreams

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2 years ago

how many men she kill in one day? and how many orgasm for this savage strong sexy girl?

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kingstonking 2 years ago

She is beautiful

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