viper01 19 Dec 2022

you looking at my feet- chloe


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perw2218 3 months ago

Chloe is so sexy and I love her feet. I wish she would grind my groin with her barefeet and tomoenage me. I also like when she lifts guys in the air with her feet. She is my dream session.

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wrestlingfan7 3 months ago

Fuck off bro, the only reason you were able to even upload this video in the first place is because the original and ONLY person to ever upload this video, Zackburns, was kind enough to release it online. Otherwise none of us would have ever been able to access it since it is no longer sold online. It's already uploaded on this site by the mentioned user so you're just reuploading and haven't given any credit either. I know you're obsessed with that karma though from uploading all the chloe videos so maybe you're not in the best state to be thinking rationally

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