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mass muscle videos 18 Jun 2022

p[arty time


Gayle Moher is superb and ruthless as all hell as she squeezes this man without and mercy what so ever!! She is going to a party but is pissed off by her friend and decides the part will be a royal beating. Body Scissors so powerful while squeezing this man she was lifting him off the ground and moving him around like he was a rag doll. Head scissors the same way and with out any regret if she hurt the fool. She seems to truly enjoy beating a man up and squeezing him without worry of hurting him Head locks, arm bars, grapevines, face sitting, tit smothering, lift and throw, so much in this video you just have to see it to believe it (topless). Gayle is a sexy strong and loves to deliver lots of pain to her victims.

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