Lily 03 Apr 2021

Preview of Life With a Dominant Smothering Woman


She’s dominant, controlling and very, very sexy. She loves to wrestle her man down or belittle him down and then sit on his face and tightly pin him while she taunts him and fucks his face and cums on him, anytime and anywhere she likes.

This video has four different scenarios in which she smothers and face fucks her victim. In the first, on Sunday at 2pm, he’s looking out of a lounge room window at some magpies he’s been feeding. She walks into the room and as he starts to show her, she wrestles him down and accuses him of thinking he’s better than her. This is a strong, determined female bully and she soon has him flat on his back and is sitting on his face in a schoolgirl pin smother.

She’s wearing a short, flippy skirt, white satin panties under sheer pantyhose and gorgeous stilettoes. His face is quickly buried in her moist gusset and he’s made to spend his bird-watching time with her sitting on his face, smothering him or locked in a side headscissor or a devastating figure four with his face buried in her pussy as she knocks him out. Most of the time she is sitting fully on his face, smothering him while she builds up to an orgasm on his face. When she’s finished cumming on him, she taunts him and gets up and leaves.

The second scenario occurs at 7.20 Tuesday morning, as they are getting ready for work. She says, “Make me lunch please,” and he turns and says, “I made the family’s lunches earlier and you said you didn’t want any.” She sneers and tells him she does now. When he points out he has to go to a meeting and he’s late because he made her breakfast too, she throws him down on the bed and sits on his face, pinning him.

She quickly turns around and pulls her skirt up over her head leaving her sitting on his face in a pair of white silk panties in a reverse facesitting smother. She grapevines his arms in her legs to put him in an Americana facesit. A wriggle of her bottom and his nose slips between her bottom cheeks and there she stays, completely smothering him while she builds to a lovely morning orgasm. When she’s finished using him, she continues smothering him until she’s knocked him out and laughs to herself that she’s going to take his lunch and he’s definitely going to be late for his meeting!

Scene three is at 8pm Wednesday and she’s waiting at the front door for a taxi so she can go out with her girlfriends for the evening. She’s dressed in loose fitting satin pants and calls him in and orders him to the floor so she can fuck his face before having drinks with her friends. Of course, she’s not wearing panties under her pants and you can see his nose fit perfectly between her pussy lips as she sits on his face, smothering him while she cums on him. She gives him no chance to breathe and knocks him out while she orgasms, then cruelly stays sitting fully on his face until the taxi arrives. She gets up and leaves her victim knocked out on the floor.

The final scene is Friday at 4pm. She’s been horse-riding all afternoon and has him pinned on the floor as she wrestles him down so she can use his face. She makes it clear that having had a big, strong horse between her thighs is a huge turn on and she so needs to cum. Her riding pants form a perfect camel toe as she’s not wearing any panties and when she quickly controls him, she slides forward so his nose fits perfectly between her pussy lips. Then she tells him, “I’m going to sit right on your face, smother you, cum on you and I’m going to knock you out while I do.”

As she builds to her orgasm, you can see his nose slide in and out of her pussy, just enough to stimulate her but not enough for him to breathe. She continues this utterly sexy performance right on his face until she cums and he’s knocked out. Then she stands up with her boot on his chest and arranges herself before leaving.

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