xteyg 28 Sep 2023

serenity: bets on me (lusa) AI upscaled


part 2 is missed (

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michelbobby 2 months ago

There are very good passages in this video with takes that we have not seen before with Serenity: like when she makes him an arm wrench by exerting knee pressure (0.40), when she grabs the arm and twists it back while exercising a body scissors (3.20), but while being on top of him, sitting on his chest. Or as a quad she makes him a scissor, but having bent her right knee, which puts extra pressure (6.20). We see arm twists that we have not seen elsewhere. As at 2.00. Like this beautiful projection at 4.00 while she makes expres to fall on the side (aikijusu). I also really like the catch at 4.20: she has pulled it from behind and will come quickly to mow it down. There are other good times, which means this idea is worth watching

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