ScissorFoxes 24 Mar 2023

Lora Cross - Oil Wrestling 2


Our first Oil Wrestling match featuring Skylar Rene was so well received, we decided to do another one outdoors with the sexy Lora Cross. This girl is known for her high energy and devastating scissors. Just look at the definition in her legs and check out her session reviews. Once Lora gets you in her vide-grips, it’s tap or nap. Her opponent Eddie thought he stood a chance given the size difference, but Lora is all over him, and we mean literally all over him. Oftentimes, she manages to hang off of his neck in midair, cranking the pressure in her scissor holds. She actually gets a KO with a midair figure-4. Luckily, he didn’t have too far to fall. She also gets a knockout with a front headscissor and a back-to-back knockout with her reverse without even releasing her hold. While he’s still dazed from the first KO, she locks on tight and puts him out again. Lora Cross is a savage, and Eddie learned the hard way not to judge a woman by her size. You’re going to love this high-pace, scissor-fest Oil Wrestling match. Enjoy!

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