xteyg 27 Sep 2023

molly: just relaxing (lusa) AI upscaled


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michelbobby 2 months ago

Those who don't like Molly are ignorant or proof of intolerance (I was like that before I understood it). Admittedly, there is something wrong with his "attitude". She is not "involved" like a Chloe, a Summer, a Sybil Star and others. But Molly has a perfect body to enjoy catches, and especially her rather sensual scissors. It reminds me of an anecdote about the virtuoso Yasha Hefeitz (who was my grandmother's lover!). A famous specialized journalist said: "I do not like to look at him, because he does not move, he does not "vibrate" (Not like David Oïstrakh or Yehudi Menuhin for example). Yes, but her music vibrated! You just had to "listen" and not "look". For Molly, you have to look at her scissor holds (her music) and forget her lack of expressiveness

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