soma 11 Jun 2024

Sexy top kung fu female defeats many guys easily but hardly defeats a male ninja and kills him


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Miguel Krismious
Miguel Krismious 6 days ago

VICTORIA is the name of the movie (not released just concept)
It is only a proof of concept for an upcoming feature length film Victoria
Starring: Shayna Bofill
Written & Directed by: Juan Bofill

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6 days ago

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Paolidam178 7 days ago
jp272727 7 days ago

very bad camera ^^
But nice moves. What is this movie ?

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soma 7 days ago

I have got it from youtube bad source and the name of the movie was not mentioned

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jp272727 7 days ago

@soma: no problem thanks anyway!

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Johnnytalonny 7 days ago

Camera action is horrible in this clip

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