ScissorFoxes 28 May 2024

Pink Doll - Scissor Challenge 298


Fresh from her tropical vacation (as you can tell by her beautiful tan), Pink Doll was more than ready to put the squeeze on Jay again. She remembered that he once admitted that her figure-4 headscissor was unbearable, and he wouldn’t wish that on his worst enemy, so what does Pink Doll do? She grabs his puny neck, wraps her big thighs around it and locks him in a figure-4 for a long 10-minute scissor challenge that he’ll never forget. You’ll notice right away that his face is super purple throughout the entire video, but what’s rare is how much quieter he is compared to usual. He admitted later that this challenge was one of the hardest ones that he’s ever done, and it was so hard to breathe that all he could do was concentrate on every breath to try and push through. Any time Pink Doll would squeeze just a little harder, Jay didn’t know if he would make it. It was almost a relief when she knocks him out at the end, as he knew when he woke up, he’d finally be free. Air never felt so good, and Pink Doll clearly loves being in control of it.

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20 days ago

❤️Hi) I'm playing a new sex game 18+) I can not understand what to d­o here) Who play it, help me ➤

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MartialArtsLover43 21 days ago

Amazing extract.... Pink Doll is absolutely sexy!!!!

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