kinksports 05 Jun 2024

Two undefeated women battle it out at the Underground Mixed Wrestling Club


Full match available at:

Undefeated, #2 rank Laura:

Undefeated, #9 rank Natascha:

Laura (5'4" and 128 pounds) vs Natascha (5'6" and 110 pounds) in a battle of two undefeated competitors at our underground mixed wrestling club.

Laura is a former soccer fullback with extremely powerful thighs. She has made men twice her size beg her to let go when she has them trapped in a headscissor and is squeezing them into submission.

At just 110 pounds is quite amazing that Natascha comes into this match still undefeated. Natascha has been taking Pilates classes over the last year and has deceptively tight squeeze power with her legs given her small size.

The two will battle it out in a competitive wrestling match. Both have relied heavily on their legs to defeat their opponents, and thus the woman with the stronger legs will likely come out victorious.

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