ScissorFoxes 21 Apr 2023

Persuasion - Knockout Machine 16


Where to even begin? First off, we highly recommend purchasing this video if you want to be at the forefront of this future scissor legend. Persuasion literally shocked us from the first video we shot with her (it was a Pressure Gauge, and Jay didn’t even last a minute before yelling cut). Surprisingly, this is her first time doing headscissors, but it’s as if she’s been doing it her entire life. Her scissors can be best described as equal to Nikki Next, which is saying a lot if you’ve ever experienced them. They are both approximately the same size, share some of the same mannerisms and the second they lock on, it’s instant panic or, often, nap time. Persuasion is a professional pole dancer, which explains her unbelievable leg strength (check out her Instagram). She also has perfect technique, which goes a long way. So, about this video. Just to give you a clue, about 2 minutes in, Venus points out that Persuasion has already knocked Jay out 5 times. 5 minutes in, Jay is so dazed from being knocked out so many times that he asks how much time there is left and is stupefied to find out they are only halfway through. There’s a total of 15 knockouts (almost 16 which would have been perfect for this being Knockout Machine 16, but Jay had to yell cut before the last one as he couldn’t handle it anymore). Some of them (especially the 5th one) are very brutal and some are quick KO’s. There’s a ton of extreme panic and genuine fear. A shout-out to Absolute Mixed Wrestling for introducing us to Persuasion. You are simply going to love her!

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