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GLOVES OPTIONAL Goldie Blair vs Christine Dupree Boxing & Fistfight


Full video:

Longtime rivals GOLDIE BLAIR and CHRISTINE DUPREE wear only boxing shorts and boxing gloves in this bare to the waist slugging match, originally shot in early 2022 as a custom video.

The well endowed adversaries pound each other’s faces, bellies and chests with punches, scoring knockdowns while sustaining battle damage. Christine is playing exceptionally rough in this contest, ignoring the accepted rules of the womanly art and arousing the British babe’s fiery temper.

After getting doubled over with one more low blow, Goldie has had enough of Christine’s dirty fighting. She pulls off the gloves and declares that she is ready to throw out the rules as well!

The supremely confident Ms. Dupree removes her boxing gloves, leaving the two women to battle with their bare hands in a brutal fistfight! No quarter is given as each woman earns more bruises, a black eye and additional gory gashes on her face, while those ample assets suffer a great deal of bruising punishment from hard punches! In the end, one woman has to fall!

Fantasy bare-chest fighting, JMR style with abundant makeup effects.

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20 days ago

❤️Hi) I'm playing a new sex game 18+) I can not understand what to d­o here) Who play it, help me ➤

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MartialArtsLover43 21 days ago

Sexy topless boxing match extract... I love Chrisine DUPREE and Goldie BLAIR!!!

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