ScissorFoxes 12 Sep 2023

Firestorm - My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Knockout Invasion


Still to this day, Firestorm has one of the tightest scissor holds on our site (check out ConTRAPtion 3 and Scissor Lightning Challenge 17 for some of the most panic you’ll ever witness). Now, imagine she was your crazy ex-girlfriend, and she barged in your apartment, locked you in her tight thigh prison and never wanted to let you go…EVER! Well, that’s what happened here, and he’s about to feel the full wrath of his ex’s muscular thighs. By the time he realized that she had found a way into his residence, his neck was already in the danger zone, and she’s determined to remind him how it feels to be her main squeeze. Firestorm lets her emotions get the best of her, which feed fuel to her scissors. Jay has a serious problem because if he doesn’t respond to her correctly, it will set her off, and he’ll suffer the consequences. Within the first couple of minutes, she already has him seeing stars. She knocks him out 4 times during this heated exchange, but the last KO is the most intense, to the point where he wakes up in such a panic that he starts bucking her off. She gives him a couple of seconds before locking him back into a schoolgirl pin and reminds him that he belongs to her FOREVER!

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