kinksports 04 Sep 2023

Flexible Latina Girl Out Wrestles a Man Twice Her Size


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Over confident 220 pound man gets humbled by a flexible 112 pound Latina girl in an outdoor wrestling match. What started out as a fun challenge at a night time pool party turns into a serious wrestling match as the Latina girl uses her extreme flexibility to out maneuver and wrap herself around the much larger man who is shocked that he can't get a hold of the more skilled grappler.

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10 months ago

Exactly what happened to me with a lot of Asian petites half my size ; the same wrestling style, jumping on their larger prey back, wrapping their limbs around his body and clinging on him like an octopus until they can get his head squeezed between their strong legs. Who said that small girls are harmless ?

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11 months ago

she will force this macho to smell her wet strong pussy,use his face like a vibrator,and kill him during her huge savage girly orgasm

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