ScissorFoxes 21 Mar 2023

Best of Tanya Steel


Tanya Steel shocked everyone in her debut video for ScissorFoxes and quickly became one of our bestsellers of all time. Her “Pressure Gauge” video showcased her incredible physique, her natural dominant bratty nature, some of the most panic you’ll ever see in any of our videos and the most brutal sleeper hold knockout on our site (and possibly any site) to date. She’s one of very few girls who made Jay panic frantically in a schoolgirl pin, and the only one who’s ever made Jay pass out with a foot choke. Not only did he pass out, but she kept her foot on his throat while he sort of came to and then passed out again. It is completely ruthless! Tanya showed a wide range of skills which is showcased in this 20-minute video. It includes multiple knockouts, neck breakers, handstand scissors, POV, HOM, bondage, skin tight latex, girl vs girl, 2 girls vs 1 guy and some of the most intense panic you will see on our site. Get ready to be shocked and speechless all over again as the Best of Tanya Steel has it all. Highly recommended!

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pussypower44 2 months ago

cute lethal Tanya have crushed one million men skull,she's really a powerfull naughty bad girl

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