gymnasium 15 Aug 2022

Athena2: Sensual Muscle Nun

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Poor Fernando is feely very remorseful and thinks he is dying. In walks Step-Sister Vixen, Muscle Step-Sister Vixen, and proceeds to read a verse from the Bible to him. But she then quickly tells him just what he needs and starts a strip tease out of her habit and WOW!!! He gets well almost instantly! Watch her do a very sensual dance for him, he starts to get fresh with her, so she throws him to the ground where she proceeds to dominate him with her incredibly sexxy muscles!!!

Muscle Vixen has dominated her male stripper on the floor . . . now it's his time to dance for her . . . .and WOW!!! He sure does....all over her! But hey, she is enjoying it as much as he is!!!

He does a lap dance for her, she slaps his asss a few times and laughs with glee!! Then he takes her up to the floor where they both get into it together. What a site to behold! A mixed Muscle Dance together . . . both with their Hot Latino Style! Sit back and enjoy . . . it's almost like watching art in motion!!!

There is no truer beauty than two sculpted muscular male/female bodies together in motion. That's exactly what we have here with two hot south Americans enjoying each others' physiques to the fullest in an incredible display of Sensual Muscle Dancing that you haven't ever seen before. Sit back and take in the artistic beauty of these two sensational muscle bods as they entangle together in fabulous Muscle Art.!!!

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