ScissorFoxes 04 Mar 2022

Skylar Rene - Destroyer of Men 7


As you may already know, Skylar loves destroying men between her lethal thighs and making them beg for mercy. She couldn’t wait to be part of our popular new series and we’re sure you guys have been anxiously waiting for this as well. Get ready for a very intense and emasculating semi-comp match that shows off Skylar’s skills and dominance over her opponent. She is just a savage and if she gets you in one of her scissors, there’s no escape and she can make you tap or nap in a heart beat. Even though her opponent tries his best to fight back or escape her holds, Skylar is in total control and there’s nothing he can do about it. She crushes him in various scissorholds, sits on his face while he struggles to get her off, traps him in an inescapable triangle choke and finally knocks him out in her world class reverse headscissors. If you thought you had any chance against Skylar, watch this video as you will surely realize the truth. Skylar is a destroyer of men and will kick your ass over and over again!

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