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BB Kings 14 Apr 2024

"Dynamite Deka" ball busting compilation


Video game. Female enemies ballbust with strong reaction (guy bends over hopping & holding crotch). Link #1: 00:00-00:05 knee & punch by punk lady. 00:20 knee by blonde girl w/pigtails. 00:35 knee by lady in white lingerie. Link #2: 00:10-00:15 two knees, 00:25 punch by blonde. 01:40 knee, 01:55 kick by punk. Link #3: Many knees by female cop begin at 00:25.

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DaddyLongLegs2000 15 days ago

Good stuff, maybe you can upload a similar compilation from the previous game Dynamite Cop where you can go behind an enemy to handcuff them and if you wait a while they tend to give you a back kick to the balls. I used to do that on purpose when facing female characters way back when I played the game

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