GirlsFightCentral 22 Apr 2024



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In this captivating video, the powerful Xena will show you her domination and absolute control over her unfortunate victim, who will have to endure many and varied head scissors.

These will be executed with precision and force, showing how powerful and strong the warrior is !

The man at the mercy of the beautiful Amazon can no longer make a move and cannot resist for long the terrible holds in which he finds himself caught… these will take him to the gates of dreamland, halfway between consciousness and sleep. Fans of situations close to KO, this video is for you !

He will also have to endure triangle and slaps, and will even have to lick the feet of the one who dominates him outrageously.

Another demonstration of strength and technique from Xena, which demonstrates her mastery of the art of combat and her expertise in subduing and dominating a man!

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