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Goddess BBGRL 23 Mar 2024

Oiled Headscissor Disappointment

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The Dungeon Chronicles - Oiled Scissor Disappointment and Punishment

This was supposed to be a TNT video… oiled naked headscissors. But being the little bitch that he is, Brat couldn’t handle my scissors. After I nearly put him down for the count 30 seconds in, he tapped so fast and noped out of our session there wasn’t enough footage for a video. Sorry guys.

I made it up to you though, because I took all my frustrations with his lack of stamina on the one part of his body that can take a lickin and keep on tickin… those big ole balls of his… and I made sure he remembered who was running this show.

And after I was done… I rode him hard, put him away wet, and left him in a whimpering puddle of his own precum and my spit.

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Bebo_Xenon 18 days ago

what a great sexy milf

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MartialArtsLover43 20 days ago

She is absolutely sexay and genius... I love this dominatrix woman!!!

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