ScissorFoxes 23 Dec 2022

KO Girl - Death by Scissors 3


Christmas came early this year. KO Girl Kortney goes all out in this video, knocking out her partner 4 times with those massive thighs while wearing that sexy skimpy bikini. She also breaks his neck with her scissors, marking her very first neck breaker on ScissorFoxes. What better way to go than to be at the mercy of Kortney’s powerful legs. This all started with a simple argument which got physical real fast. Before he knew it, Kortney was man handling him, knocking him out over and over again. She finds it quite exhilarating watching him wake up from her KOs, not knowing where or what the hell happened. Unfortunately for him, it’s far from over! She overwhelms him with her strength, pinning and crushing him. She’s finally had enough of him and from a handstand scissor position and his neck wedged tightly between her thighs, she jolts her legs one way and then thrusts them another, killing him instantly with her scissors like it was nothing. Crushing watermelons and heads is what Kortney does best!

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Frosty_Dawg 3 months ago

Video looks pretty awesome. Kortney is looking better than ever. Those massive legs are real mankillers. Too much for most to handle. I'd love to try my luck in a competetive math with her. Pure wrestling without joint-locks. I don't think I'd be able to withstand the power of her thighs but would love to give it a go.

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