crrrunch 05 Jun 2021

Czech FBB Crushes Special K


While resting in bed after placing in the physique category, a Czech FBB decides impulsively to crush a full, unopened box of Special K while filming the deed with her cell phone. Listen to the box crunch between her powerful thighs.

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crrrunch 11 months ago

Unfortunately, I have lost her name. I had her do a crush video for me several years ago, and my entire folder of all my original videos got deleted accidently. A real bummer! Years of paid content. I've heard that those files can be retrieved under certain circumstances, but that's way beyond my pay grade. Need a forensic expert, I'm afraid.

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Blobfish 11 months ago


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fender2008 11 months ago

Do you have more videos like this for sale?

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Blobfish 12 months ago

What's her name?

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