gymnasium 08 Jul 2022

Athena2: Muscle Body Guard

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Emery Miller has been hired to be a British Consolate's bodyguard. Little does he know because he is expecting a man. In walks, this incredibly gorgeous muscular woman, and he is taken aback. and when she takes off her jacket wow!!! he cannot believe his eyes!! He wants to know she is strong enough to protect him, so she then begins to demonstrate her strength . . . on him!!! Emery has wrestled her British Consolate to the ground proving she can definitely be a good bodyguard to him. She then has him worship her body all over, kissing, touching, caressing her muscles. Then she sits him on the couch and proceeds to force muscle worship, taking off her top, throwing his face into her bare breasts, and smothering him. then she pulls him back to the floor with her muscular thighs and sits on him so he can see her full beauty. Tons of strength wrestling holds Emery does on her new protectee, then she forces him to muscle worship her, and then finally give her servitude!

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