ScissorFoxes 24 Feb 2023

Rage Shieldmaiden - Xenia Onatopp: Hunt For The Admiral


It’s finally here! 2 of your favorite lethal women are now combined into 1. Rage Shieldmaiden is Xenia Onatopp. The sexy accent, the lust to crush men with theirs thighs, and the ability to break a man’s ribs with a bodyscissor are attributes both women possess. This is a match made in heaven. After reviewing the source material, Rage makes this admiral scene her own, hunting him down and doing what Rage does best, CRUSH! She totally embodies Xenia’s passion and eagerness to make him her personal squeeze toy. She makes him beg between her powerful thighs. Her reverse headscissors are unbearable but she’s known for her devastating bodyscissors. She easily breaks numerous ribs with multiple thrusts that have the admiral screaming in agony. Xenia is simply ruthless and shows him no mercy. Rage nails the character perfectly. You’ll be begging for the sauna scene next. Enjoy!

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