ScissorFoxes 12 Apr 2024

Amazon Nikki - Scissor Lightning Challenge 32


6 foot tall, Pro Bodybuilder, Amazon Nikki is finally here on ScissorFoxes, and she blew away our expectations! She is one of the nicest women you will ever meet, but once she has her long muscular legs around your neck or body, you belong to her, and she will have you begging for her mercy. Now, Jay is a sucker for punishment and often pushes his boundaries. Unfortunately for him, he had no clue the caliber of strength Amazon Nikki possesses. The second Nikki puts him in her first headscissor, he knew right away he was in BIG trouble. Her scissors are just ridiculously strong, and that’s when she’s not even trying. He has 1 minute to escape each hold or suffer 10 seconds of her full power. Jay can barely survive her scissors with her just holding her legs together. He can only imagine what full power would be. He tries his hardest to avoid her full power punishment, but her legs are solid as steel and won’t even budge. Escape is impossible and punishments are inevitable. Amazon Nikki has him terrified when she goes full pressure, often times knocking him out. Sometimes she won’t even let go until she’s done with her countdown. By the end, Jay had enough, yelling “CUT” repeatedly at the camera, and with some hesitation, Amazon Nikki finally lets him breathe again. He just couldn’t make it to the end. Get ready to be shocked and highly entertained. If you get a chance, don’t miss out on booking a session with Amazon Nikki. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

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Zweig 1 month ago

Great video!

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