ScissorFoxes 08 Sep 2023

Skylar Rene - Knockout Collar 2


Skylar just loves when we give her new scissor games to test out on Eddie. It's funny because when she asks him if he wants to play another game, he immediately remembers the "Knockout Machine", so he decides to pass. Skylar assures him that it's not the same game and proceeds to show him. By the time he tries to object, he's already between Skylar's big, thick, strong thighs. At this point, there's no turning back. She goes on to tell him that the new game is called "Knockout Collar". The rules are that if he taps or touches her thighs, she knocks him out immediately. This is absolutely impossible, as it's a natural instinct to try and survive when being constricted of air. Your first impulse is to try and remove whatever is preventing you from breathing. Unfortunately for Eddie, those are the rules and after 8 knockouts, there's a chance he may learn some self-restraint. After all, Skylar really enjoys this game and is ready to lock on the "Knockout Collar" at anytime. Wouldn't you love to be locked in her collar? Once you say yes, there's no turning back!

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TallTman64 7 months ago

what is her size now? sexy !!!

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