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FF181 Marzia vs Adele – Unsettling domination: overwhelming masochistic pleasure


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Adele’s favourite victim
Marzia holds the dubious honour of being Adele’s favourite victim. Adele is eager for a repeat of the previous intense encounter, initiating a provocative wrestling match. Rest assured, the upcoming spectacle is bound to captivate your attention with its sizzling intensity.
Hurt me if you can…
Marzia finds herself in a tough spot, enduring brutal scissors, severe chokes, grapevine pins, and various submissions and poses — a relentless onslaught. Amid these holds, Adele employs some inappropriate touching as a dubious yet effective tactic. A shift occurs when a dirty move by Marzia turns the tide in her favour, marking the beginning of a fierce comeback. However, the unfolding events take a somewhat sordid turn, as Adele’s desire for more intensifies. She revels in surrendering to Marzia, craving domination repeatedly. Add in a few blurred wardrobe malfunctions (blurred), the sweat, and the overall heat, and this match gains a distinctive touch.
Stay away, you pervert!
Marzia emerges as the ultimate winner of this exceptional match. However, Adele’s insatiable appetite persists; she yearns for more, pleading to be dominated further. Driven by apparent madness and perversion, Adele refuses to let Marzia off the hook until her desire is fulfilled. It’s a pitiable situation for Marzia, who has undoubtedly earned a pain in the neck. Let Marzia alone, you pervert!

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