ScissorFoxes 05 Sep 2023

Sadie Rose - Knockout Lightning Challenge


We’ve done it again! Two of Sadie’s best-selling videos are her Scissor Lightning Challenge and Knockout Machine. Just like what we did with Knockout Collar featuring Persuasion, we decided to mash these 2 themes together to create a more extreme version. In this new and improved series, the male victim still has 1 minute to escape each scissorhold, but instead of a 10-second punishment of full pressure, the girl goes straight for the knockout. In order to do this, we have to make sure the girl is capable of doing knockouts on demand and if you’ve seen any of Sadie’s videos, you know just how qualified she is. Not only that, but she can also be quite brutal. In fact, she was told that she didn’t have to squeeze hard while her opponent tries to escape during the minute. Unfortunately for Jay, Sadie ignores that suggestion and puts him through the ringer all the way up until it’s time to knock him out. Her scissors don’t have a low gear. She actually knocks him out accidentally in the first 5 seconds of one of her figure-4 headscissors without even trying to do so. Between having his neck consistently constricted in her vise then being knocked out 7 times for not escaping, it’s no wonder it took Jay a while to recover from this afterward. Would you have the balls to take this challenge against Sadie?

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