kinksports 13 Jan 2024

His Face Turns Beet Red - Headscissor Challenge


Laura makes Kevin's face turn Beet Red in this headscissor challenge where he has to hold out 1 full minute without tapping out.

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strguy 3 months ago

Even though he's bigger and stronger her sexy thighs are cutting off the bloodflow to his brain. The purple face cannot be faked, she's choking him and could will knock him out if he doesn't tap.

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michelbobby 3 months ago

You should definitely not reproduce this at home because it is very dangerous! Watch how Laura executes this leg scissor perfectly: her technique is relentless and she has long muscles in her thighs that help her be effective. Not only is the guy's face getting redder and redder, but we can clearly see that he is on the verge of being knocked out. Don't forget that the emergency rooms are overwhelmed and that the hospitals don't have much space left. So leave this type of demonstration to the professional wrestlers! Laura is proud of herself because at the end she sighs and pulls her chain, a way of saying: "have you seen how strong and powerful I am? More than you!"

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