ScissorFoxes 03 Nov 2023

Rage Shieldmaiden - Knockout Collar 3


Rage just loves our themes and when we gave her the concept of our new Knockout Collar series, she couldn’t wait to try this on some poor soul. The idea of crushing him senseless between her thighs and not being able to defend himself or else, she gets to knock him out instantly is very exhilarating for her. After all, it’s our natural instinct to try and remove whatever is obstructing our breathing. It’s just a matter of time before he has to grab her thighs to survive and, unavoidably, suffer her KO punishment. Watch him firmly grasp her thighs in desperation, only to feel the full wrath of her power. Rage ends up knocking him out half a dozen times for disobeying her rules, and warns him that she may eventually cause him brain damage. She then knocks him out at the end with a brutal reverse headscissor while pinning his wrists down just for her own amusement. Rage always goes above and beyond with our ideas, and we dare you to request this challenge in your next session. You’ll definitely regret it, but you’ll never forget it. Enjoy!

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MartialArtsLover43 4 months ago

Delicious and dangerous Rage !

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