Lily 22 Apr 2021

Preview of the Perfect Facesitting Pin


I’m sitting on his face in the perfect smothering pin. I’ve got each of his arms folded between my thigh and calf and with my weight bearing on them as I sit on his face, he’s locked in place. He can’t move his arms at all.  I’m wearing soft, silky black panties as I gently wriggle my pussy on his nose and there’s nothing he can do about it. He can’t move, can’t breathe, can’t talk and can only lie there as I smother and tease him. And I’m going to sit on his face for as long as I want.

I’ve tricked him into letting me show him the pin and now he’s flat on his back with me on top of him and I’m loving it. I can feel his nose pushing the damp gusset of my panties into my pussy and I can feel him desperately trying to breathe and I am so turned on.

Watch the video and see how I lock my victim’s arms in place and then settle down on his face. Once I’m in place I tell him to try to get free and then laugh at him as he struggles helplessly. The look on his face as he realises that I’ve fooled him and I’m going to sit on his face and make him submit, is brilliant. Then, to make things worse for him, I wriggle until his nose starts to push into my pussy. Now he’s at my mercy and I tease and taunt him as I look down into his eyes at the beginning of twenty-two minutes of facesitting and smothering. There’s nothing I love more than subjugating a man by sitting on his face and I give him no mercy the whole time.

To torment him, I press down on his elbows and enjoy his little moans into my pussy. I endlessly taunt him about having a girl sitting on his face, owning him. This causes him to struggle and I laugh at him and perform a leisurely pin count all the way to ten. One of the reasons I tricked him is that he doesn’t think a woman can pin a man and I’m just the girl to change his mind.

I increase his subjugation by edging forward and gradually surrounding his nose with my pussy making it harder and harder for him to breathe. When I know he is having trouble getting enough air, I ask him if he gives in and he quickly does. I giggle and delightedly tell him I’m going to stay sitting right on his face anyway. He groans and tries to struggle but he’s tightly trapped by my thighs.

To amuse myself, I take a photo of him with my phone, counting him out again as I do. I love doing long, lingering pin counts as I sit on a cocky man’s face, smothering him all the time. You can see his frustration as he tries to move his arms and all I do is laugh at him and taunt him. I make him give in to me and admit that he was wrong and laugh at him when he does. He mumbles submissions and apologies into my pussy and I love it! You can also hear as he labours to breathe through the damp gusset of my panties.   

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wrestle2me 2 days ago

Nice variation and love how you look at the end

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Lily 2 days ago

Thank you, wrestle2me. It's a very sexy pin and makes my victim completely helpless so I can sit on his face and smother him for as long as I want.

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