Hotfighting 24 May 2023



A man, a lover of wildlife, enjoys the scents of flowers in a botanical garden. Behind this case, he is found by his wife, the owner of a black belt in karate, who is already fed up with the fact that instead of getting a job, her husband spends all his time with flowers. Without hesitation, the girl gave the man a good beating, with a lot of kicks in the face, punches and kicks in the stomach, ballbusting, and much more.

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michelbobby 5 days ago

This Blonde is super sexy! She has the ideal body: fit, finely muscular and very feminine. She strikes with both feet: both left and right, and has good balance support during her shots. She is probably a good practitioner of combat sports such as Kick Boxing, and / or martial arts such as Taekwondo. I even think she practices several because she is very comfortable. Look at her beautiful build, it's striking especially at the end of the film when she beats the guy in front of the tree. We see this skinny guy who contrasts with the strength that emanates from this beautiful blonde both round but strong. The film is very bright because shot outside. Even if it is not a great art I say "Wow" for the choice of the artist!

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