GirlsFightCentral 20 Nov 2023

Megan Jones vs Constance


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Megan Jones pokes fun at Constance's colorful and shiny attire. She flexes before the match, confident in her skills. Being the competitor she is, Constance is not one for trash talk and gets right to it. She mounts MJ and gets a schoolgirl pin for a 5 count. She taunts MJ, challenging her to get her off. MJ does just that and responds with a rollup pin to even the score. They lock up hands in a test of strength that ends up with MJ's back on the mats, and Constance putting her in a grapevine pin for another fall.

It's a back and forth affair that sees moves like a rear naked choke, facesits, crucifix pins, headscissors, figure four, humiliating pins, and more. The match itself has a playful tone but don't be fooled: each lady wants to win! In the end Megan Jones is able to use her full body weight to her advantage and manages to get the deciding pin fall on Constance. Before we leave Constance clamors for a rematch which MJ is sure to oblige

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