ScissorFoxes 09 Jun 2023

Rage Shieldmaiden - My Ex-Girlfriend Goes Knockout Crazy


This is by far one of the best videos we have ever featured, which says a lot, considering how many classics we’ve had over the years. Rage plays the crazy ex-girlfriend, and when she sent this footage to us, we were shocked and heavily entertained. She plays it so well that you’ll be either wishing you were him or happy that you aren’t. Ignoring her restraining order, Rage makes her ex relive his old pain and suffer between her relentless thighs. The fear is oh so real and worse than he could ever imagine. She has him squealing like a little pig from the insane pressure of her scissors. The things she says while crushing him are absolutely amazing and to top it off, the final knockout is one of our best yet. Rage locks him up in a reverse, pins his wrists down and tightens until she feels him go limp except, she is not satisfied. She scoops him back in, and squeezes long and tight, allowing his hands free to grasp at her ass and thighs out of desperation. All of a sudden, his eyes glaze over and Rage finally lets him free, where he immediately starts twitching out in front of her. “Good boy” she says as he slowly comes to. We can’t recommend this video enough. Rage is one of our bestsellers for a reason, and we can’t wait for you to check this one out.

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