ScissorFoxes 03 Mar 2023

Domina Ava Savage - Destroyer of Men 19


Domina Ava Savage is one of a kind, and we love her for it. She is spunky, sexy, super fit, dominant and best of all, she loves destroying men. She also shakes her amazing booty often in his face or for the audience. She just has so much fun kicking Jay’s ass. She puts him in a world of pain by making him cry for mercy between her thick thighs, trapping him under her splits, choking and smothering him with her feet and even giving him a wedgie. Best of all, she’s an expert at knockouts and can do them on demand. She knocks him out 5 times on purpose throughout this match with a reverse headscissor, reverse figure-4, sleeper hold, regular figure-4 and finally, another reverse. She calls it out right before making him go limp. Domina Ava Savage is highly entertaining and demonstrates that she is undoubtedly a Destroyer of Men.

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