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Lora Lady2fight 02 Sep 2023

"The Interview" from Lady2fight


The clips is filmed like a documentary with a lot of close ups, Lora interacting with the camera and POVs. The last two scenes have some clips that Lora is basically filming herself, selfie-style. A journalist has been allowed to interview Goddess Lora and film her life for a few days. He gets to witness her dominating and using her slaves in her office and at her home. Eventually he becomes Lora’s new toy.
Watch the Full video here:
Part 1 https://lady2fight.com/product..../the-interview-part-
Part 2 https://lady2fight.com/product..../the-interview-part-

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Product length: 29 + 36 minutes

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10 months ago

warning mighty naughty LORA you will break your toys...rrr...mmm...

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