ScissorFoxes 22 Dec 2023

Foxxy Squeeze - Real Couples Session 6


Foxxy Squeeze sent us this incredible video of her and her boyfriend having a real semi-competitive wrestling session, and we were shocked by not only the match itself, but what she does to him at the end. After she sent us this, she says, and I quote, “I was being meaner, and I liked it”. This is an understatement as you will see. Her boyfriend starts off with a cocky attitude, even after tapping out, which is probably why he had it coming. After losing the first round to a figure-4 headscissor, he jokingly says, “Did you start scissoring yet?” Foxxy Squeeze laughs and from then on, starts ignoring his taps and keeps him locked helplessly for long periods of time. You can tell he starts regretting his comments. She also takes advantage of her situation and makes her boyfriend say “I give up” and “You’re my Goddess” while he struggles to breathe. Finally, she puts him in a reverse headscissor that he’ll never forget. No matter how many times he taps or how hard he tries to escape, Foxxy Squeeze doesn’t let go and until he is snoring between her thighs. This is one of the longest and most brutal knockouts on our site. He’s out for a full 6 seconds before she unlocks her grip, and then he’s out for another 13 seconds snoring on the ground as she tries to wake him up. If she’s willing to do that to her boyfriend, imagine what she would do to you!

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strguy 4 months ago

This is what I like. Smaller athletic girl destroying a bigger muscular guy using her legs! Hot!

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