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BB Kings 05 Jul 2024

"Neon Lightshow Ravergirl Sexbot Ballbusting Fuckfest" with Norah Nova


Norah Nova is a life-like neon laser-lightshow sex robot with some twisted programming!

When Eric's sex robot, The Norah Nova 9000, came in the mail from Amazon, he turned it on right away because he was eager to begin his New Year's celebration. Within a few minutes, The Norah Nova 9000 was able to perform several interesting erotic moves, but when Eric pressed the wrong button on the remote control, it went into full psycho femdom mode and began busting his naked balls!

The Norah Nova 9000 turned red and began kicking, stomping and biting Eric's unfortunate cock and balls while emitting a visually impressive neon laser lightshow! After his genitals received a brutal beating, he was wise enough to re-program his sex robot so that it finally went into full pleasure mode and gave him the greatest orgasm he had ever experienced!

This movie contains these hardcore adult activities of female domination and insane sexual conduct:

Electric Neon Laser Lightshow Sex Robot Bikini Ballbusting with Norah Nova
(9 minutes)
Dick-Biting and Ball-Biting CBT Femdom Blowjob
(8 minutes)
Hardcore Neon Laser Lightshow Sex Robot Fucking with a Slow-Motion Cumshot Replay!
(15 minutes)

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