ScissorFoxes 22 Nov 2022

Lilly Ice - Destroyer of Men 17


Super fit and super sexy Lilly Ice is more than ready to prove herself as a man destroyer and shows Kris exactly what she’s capable of. This semi-competitive match is full of action, takedowns and of course, scissors. He tries his best to avoid her muscular legs because if she traps you in them, it’s tap or nap. Kris does manage to sneak a few attacks on her, even almost plunging her into the TV set in the background, but Lilly always manages to be on top. She grapples with him until she manages to either pins him, chokes him with her biceps or crushes him between her thick strong thighs. She manages to knock him out a couple of times with her reverse headscissors which look extremely tight. Furthermore, she then humiliates him with some facesitting and muscle flexing. He just got destroyed by the one and only Lilly Ice.

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