ScissorFoxes 02 Nov 2021

Savannah Fox - Bedroom Battles Round 57


This Bedroom Battle is tons of fun especially since Savannah and Shawn are actually a couple in real life. He starts off cocky, thinking he can easily outwrestle his woman but she's more than ready to prove him wrong. Savannah has those big thick strong thighs which can make any man weep. She's also very quick and sturdy which makes Shawn's attempts at pinning her down fail time and time again. She's really good at keeping control and snatching his neck and body between her thighs whenever opportunity arises. She taunts and laughs at him while increasing the pressure, making sure he knows who's the champ. His jokes turn into pleas of mercy. His pervy ass slapping turn into genuine tap outs. Savannah has totally dominated him and he's now coming around and realizing that he may be the weaker sex. She even makes him tap out frantically in a long facesit. After sticking her booty in his face, she places it right on his chin where he will suffer a KO in her incredible reverse headscissor. He begs her not to but Savannah has already made up her mind. She tightens more and more until he finally goes limp. She laughs and shakes her booty in his face followed by a booty drop on his chest. Prepare to be entertained!

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