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SFD588 Andrea vs Ambra – Thanks for the dinner, loser!


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The costly dinner debacle
Ambra’s anger is palpable. Andrea’s refusal to foot the 50-euro bill for their dinner the previous night, coupled with her audacious, subpar, and cynical behaviour, leaves Ambra no choice but to settle the score in her preferred fashion: by thoroughly thrashing that swindler.
A debt repaid with interest
Ambra shows no mercy to her adversary, and for a good reason – it’s a significant amount of money at stake! Brace yourself for a methodical takedown. Andrea’s agony unfolds through ruthless scissor locks, overpowering strangleholds, and undignified pins – it’s nothing short of brutal! Her reckoning is imminent, with a sleeperhold seemingly sealing her destiny, forcing her hand to cover the dinner bill.
A cheeky turnaround
Oh, how the tables have turned! Andrea’s cheekiness knows no bounds. But, as luck would have it, even the most cunning con artists have their luck run out. Andrea orchestrates a stunning role reversal, subjecting Ambra to her own cruel brand of punishment. The climax is stark and unforgiving: a brutal slap from Andrea marks the start of Ambra’s humiliating downfall. She’s left defeated, bound, spanked, posed, and penniless. “Thanks for the dinner, darling” – Andrea’s cheekiness knows no limits!

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