xteyg 23 Mar 2024

alana vs brad (lusa) AI upscaled

Tags: alana, lusa, judo, armbar

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michelbobby 2 months ago

This is a very interesting video. Because Alana demonstrates both disconcerting ease in her sequences of takes; Look how she projects it with ease: for example at 1.20, at 1.40. But also, there are movements, sequence phases that we don't see elsewhere (with the other women wrestlers in the other Lusa videos); look for example at the sequence: 0.30 to 1.08. I also like Brad's attitude: because he doesn't overdo it (other opponents, notably the "colossi" of Lusa, always feel obliged to add more, which sometimes rings false). Here his temptations to dominate Alana don't bother me. Elsewhere (during another video with another wrestler), I said how much I didn't like "balanced" fights. But there, nothing to see. Because Brad's desperate attempts when he attempts seizures are quickly corrected by Alana's fury!

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