xteyg 03 Dec 2023

chloe: attitude adjustment (lusa) AI upscaled


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michelbobby 3 months ago

Even if not everything is perfect here. Even if the rhythm is irregular. There's always something going on with Chloe. There are those incredible moments when she applies a sumptuous judo hold, whether it's standing up, whether it's on the ground. Chloe is like the football player Diego Mardona. He didn't always win, his actions weren't always successful. But he always offered the audience virtuoso gestures, moments of grace. And in the end, it was always worth it. Chloe is the same as Maradona: she is so gifted and graceful in her gestures and her holds, that she inspires us: look at her reverse split, her triangle scissors and other sequences: Chloe's curves perfectly match her holds

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Oliviabestfan 3 months ago

Kim is so fucking hot

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