Lily 15 Sep 2020

Preview of Lily's Sexy Wrestling holds


Want to see a beaten man tortured with wrestling holds? Long, lingering, painful, sexy submission holds? By a woman dressed in ultra sheer, shiny pantyhose and the silkiest, flimsiest purple panties?

Let me show you some wrestling holds I love doing to my victim and let me show you how much I love making him submit, making him give in to me. Holding him in painful locks and ignoring him when he taps. Forcing him to submit and then knocking him out when he does. Mmmmmmm. I also explain the holds to you as I punish him in them.

The video starts with me sitting on his face in a very tight schoolgirl pin smother, his arms tightly pinned up beside his head and inside my thighs. I’ve wrestled him down and forced him to agree to be my victim as I demonstrate some devastating holds.

When I’m satisfied he is weakened by me sitting on his face and smothering him, I transition into a vertical armbar and hyperflex his left arm. I make him submit and then laugh at him and continue disabling his arm. I perfectly judge the pressure on his elbow to ensure he suffers underneath me and that his arm will be useless for a while.

Then I make him give me his right arm and do the same on that. Watching him squirm under me and try to tap so I’ll stop absolutely turns me on and I keep the pressure up because I want to. Eventually I accept his submission and then I roll into a horizontal armbar with the same arm. He is right handed so his right arm is the stronger one and I want to ensure he is completely helpless so I can beat him up as I want. I also cross my ankles around his neck and put pressure on his throat as I torture his elbow. Combination holds that make him suffer in several areas make me very horny and allow me to be the sadist that I am!

Then I move to a side headscissor so I can scramble his head while I squeeze it between my thighs causing his face to turn purple and his eyes to go glassy. Because I’m a dancer and I lift weights, I have very strong thighs and I can hold him in a world of pain as I look into his eyes and taunt him, forcing him to give in to me. However, I never accept submissions from my opponent until I’ve broken them and humiliated them and he gets no relief from the pain as I flex my thighs making him groan.

When I’m ready to put him in the next hold, I arch my back and tighten my thighs around his head until he is knocked out, ready for more humiliation. When he wakes, I stand over him and fold his legs into a very painful leglock with his left leg bent over the right and locked in place by my legs. He is now in a world of pain, lying flat on his back with a sadistic woman pressuring his legs making him gasp in agony as she looks into his eyes and taunts him.

Once again, he submits many times, desperately hoping I’ll stop the torture which is such a turn on for me! When I know his legs are useless from the pressure I finally accept one of his desperate submissions and change to a combination scarf-hold and wristlock. He is now flat on his back with me lying over him keeping him helpless as I squeeze his neck in one arm and torture his wrist with the other. He can’t move in the slightest and I shuffle my upper body slightly until my breast is pushing into his face which is also pushed into my armpit so I can smother him at the same time. How deliciously humiliating for a big man to be so tightly controlled by a woman!

When I’ve had my fill of taunting him, I move straight into a reverse facesitting smother. While I wriggle his nose in between my bottom cheeks I quickly grapevine his arms in my legs. Before he knows it, I’ve settled down on his face and he’s helpless, smothered and tortured under me. I love this hold as I can sit upright on his face and wriggle my bottom to smother, tease and torment him while I flex my ankles to torture his arms. Such a dominant hold for a woman to do to a man. The perfect ass smother!

Next, I transition into a rear headscissor pinning his wrists with my hands as I lie on his body with his head crushed between my thighs and his face pushed up into my bottom. Once again, he is completely helpless under a woman who can dominate and humiliate him as she wishes. I flex my powerful sheer pantyhose clad thighs around his neck to make his head buzz and his eyes glaze while I calmly talk to you about how I’m torturing him. As I flex my legs to increase his pain, he groans and that makes me so, so horny that I’m sure he can smell me as he lies there helpless. He tries to tap and to mumble his submission but I laugh and keep pouring on the pressure, loving how he groans. When I’m ready to move on, I tighten the hold so much that he is knocked out again so I can get ready for the final display of female dominance.

When he wakes up I sit on his neck taunting him. He’s groggy, virtually defenceless and in pain as I look down at him and fold his arms in between my legs to completely trap them between my thighs and my calves, making him utterly helpless. I explain the hold to you as I do and you can clearly see how compromised he is. He looks up at me bewildered as I settle down on his face to smother him. I laugh at him as I describe what I can do to him to the camera and challenge him to try to break free. I know he can’t and I tease him as he hopelessly struggles underneath me.

This is the perfect way to end my demonstration. You can see a completely beaten and broken man, pinned on the floor by a dominant, horny woman sitting on his face, smothering him. His arms are trapped and totally useless and he is racked with pain from the beating he’s had. All that’s left now is to count him out for a pinfall and I do that, slowly counting to ten as I taunt him and use him by wiggling my pussy on his face. To complete his humiliation, I force him to tell me he submits while I’m still sitting fully on his face. He has no choice and mumbles his submission into my pussy and my bottom several times as I taunt him.

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bartos 14 days ago

it's all too beautiful

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Lily 13 days ago

Thank you, Bartos.

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