ScissorFoxes 08 Nov 2022

Scissor Queen - Real Couples Session 3


Get ready for our latest couple because they really went all out for their ScissorFoxes debut. Scissor Queen has a background as a cheerleader, dancer, gymnast and a ballerina, which we all know makes for lethal scissors. After her boyfriend gets caught leering at her while she’s sleeping, Scissor Queen snatches his neck and traps him in an insanely tight reverse headscissor. She unleashes her full leg power on her boyfriend, making him literally freak out in sheer horror. He taps out like a crazy man and begs her repeatedly, but Scissor Queen ignores his pleas and stays latched on to his neck, pinning his wrists down and doubling down on his punishment. We’ve never seen so much brutality and panic. He’s kicking and screaming, even foaming at the mouth from one of her many reverses. In her first KO, she acknowledges that he’s out by dropping his wrists, but doesn’t even let him go. He wakes up still getting crushed by his sweet dear girlfriend. She knocks him out 2 more times with her reverse almost back to back. The second time, the power in the room goes out for a split second, almost as if she overloaded it with her scissors. Talk about perfect timing. You’ll notice at the back of her sexy bodysuit that it says “QUEEN”. Well, she certainly is and if she doesn’t show any mercy to her boyfriend, can you imagine what she would do to you? Highly recommended and check out their store for more great videos!

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pussypower44 3 months ago

for this cute dangerous naughty girl,every men are just vibrators,she enjoy the struggling from her toy,and break her plaything,while her orgasm

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