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BB Kings 24 Feb 2024

Superseven Op: Red Herring - Ep 37 Ball Busting kick


Cross(Andrew Palmer) asks a chair bound Sandra West(Olivia Dunkley,)
"anything else to say?"
She thinks, then says,
"YEAH, what's the capitol of Thailand?"
He thinks and then answers, "Bangkok...'
She hops in the chair cross legged, kicking him in the groin with her heeled left foot. Cross shudders but remains unfazed. He smugly removes a protective cup from his pants exclaiming,
"what do ya think I am, STUPID?"
Sandra replies by kicking his unprotected balls to which he cups himself with a grunt before slowly lowering to his right and onto the floor!
"Yeah, KINDA!" she says confidently.


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michelbobby 2 months ago

Awesome! I saw all the episodes on her channel "Youtube" (Olivia Dunkley: Sandra West / Superseven). Some episodes are not great, but overall, there are absolutely superb sequences to be found. Olivia is a true stuntwoman and fighter; I love her looks: she's very believable in her role as a spy and a woman of action!

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