ScissorFoxes 12 Jan 2021

Raven Wild - Scissor Challenge 282


Raven Wild always gives everything she’s got and there’s no better example than this challenge. She ends up breaking both of her shoes from propping herself up, making Jay frantically yell “I can’t breathe!” numerous times to the point that he actually yells “CUT!” over and over again, plus she knocks him out twice. Her big thick thighs create a perfect seal and from the second she locked on, Jay knew that he wasn’t going to make it. He said it was impossible to get any air and every time he tried to pull her leg to make a gap, it was solid and wouldn’t budge. The only thing he could do is yell, hoping she stops squeezing. Unfortunately, those moments were very far and few between which is terrifying. Once again, Raven shows us her love to make men cry between her thighs and why she’s one of your favorite Foxes.
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