ScissorFoxes 17 Jun 2022

Savannah Fox - Scissor Lightning Challenge 26


Savannah Fox totally nails this Scissor Lightning Challenge. She turns her cocky boy toy Shawn into her bitch. He has 1 minute to escape each of her scissor holds or else, suffer through 10 seconds of full strength, and she really gives it to him. Savannah’s trash talking is amazing as she taunts him to try and escape her big strong thighs. Shawn really tries his hardest to pry himself free, but she just laughs at his failed attempts and messes with him. At one point he actually taps out early in the challenge part and accuses her of cheating when she lets him go, so Savannah adds the extra time to the punishment round. Bet he wishes he kept his mouth shut. At the end, she orders him to admit he’s a loser, and when he refuses, she sits on his face and shakes her booty until he complies. This 14 minute video has so many awesome moments and will make any scissor lover wish they were in his place, under the pressure to escape or feel the wrath of Savannah Fox. A must see!

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