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SFD614 Andrea vs Michela – Housewife’s wrath: brutal lesson for the family wrecker


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Wrath of the housewife
Andrea, a famous influencer, believes she’s in complete control as she awaits that clandestine “date” known to none but herself — except Michela, an angry housewife who suspects she’s caught the homewrecker her husband is involved with. In an abrupt and unannounced outburst, Michela unleashes her anger on Andrea in a vicious assault. It’s an unfortunate convergence of circumstances.
No pity for the husband-snatcher!
You’re about to witness a uniquely brutal beating. Michela holds nothing back, employing kicks, chokes, bites, scissors, lifted bearhugs, hair pulling… and even utilizing everyday household items creatively: brooms, mops, spoons, tubs, sprays, chairs… she even compels Andrea to swallow socks, toilet paper, and her own mobile phone! It’s cruel, unconventional, perhaps even a bit amusing, but undeniably cruel. Terrified, Andrea can do nothing but beg not to be beaten any more. However, the ordeal is far from over as Michela persists.
Oops… his name is Luca!
Post-thrashing, Andrea, strangled with a rope, vows to cease any involvement with Michela’s husband, Giorgio. There’s just one minor hiccup – his actual name is Luca, oops… Hopefully, she remains elusive having learned the peril of entangling with others’ spouses. Meanwhile, Michela departs as if nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Geez…

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