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BB Kings 30 May 2024

Bring It On: All or Nothing ball busting bloopers


Jessie Fife, Hayden Panettiere
outtakes: During a gym session, a girl kicks her leg up and accidentally kicks a boy behind her in the nuts. He goes down holding his balls and she just shrugs it off (others come to help him). Another girls grabs a black guys nuts after he slaps her butt. The outtakes feature girls laughing and having fun during both these scenes (including girls practicing kicking the boy in the nuts). One of the crew kicks him and gets really excited. The main actress that kicks him says she "always wanted to do that" (kick a guy in the nuts).
Bring it on: all or nothing (bloopers) Hayden panettiere
A couple of excellent reactions in the blooper reel from a teenage Hayden Panettiere.
1. She has to grab a guy's crotch & threaten him. She breaks out laughing while watching his reaction, and you can tell by both of them she really went for it.
2. Actually bust happens offscreen, but she throws her purse at a guy, and immediately breaks character noting she "nailed him in the balls". Another good reaction by her. First bust is at 3:28 and the second is right after.

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michelbobby 18 days ago

Lovely & Funny

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BB Kings
BB Kings 8 days ago

-1 of the sexiest BB in film history!

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